TraderDaddy is fully automated cryptocurrency trading. Obtaining the lowest possible break-even point in each market is achieved by mitigating risk with budget sensitive trades over a long period of time. Key components to the strategy include cost averaging, diversification, and compounding.

The slow buy, slow sell, and liquidity dashboards provide around the clock automation for efficient, profitable, cost average based trading. Whether you're entering a market, exiting a market, or providing liquidity for something you believe in long-term, one of the dashboards can help you do it better.

All trading gains from liquidity are used to grow your trading capital. Users that provide liquidity for long periods of time benefit the most from compounding.

Contributing additional funds on a fixed schedule (such as once a week) is a great way to maximize profit, while making compounding even more effective.

Using machine learning techniques, such as linear regression and decision trees, TraderDaddy is able to improve itself. Each TraderDaddy account trades independently, but the data and history of all accounts are used to increase profit for all.

TraderDaddy has been granted special access to the Bittrex API that allows it to make API calls without restriction.

A common flaw in many trading bots is that they can be fooled because of their dependence on external data. TraderDaddy does things different, only relying on internal data makes it immune to certain types of manipulation and trickery.


You will need a Bittrex account that can be used exclusively for TraderDaddy. A new account provides some advantages, but it's not required. It is not recommended to trade on the same account used by TraderDaddy.

500 RBY will need to be on your Bittrex account for TraderDaddy to work. Those RBY can be sold back to the market if you decide TraderDaddy is not for you. Users keep all of their trading profit. TraderDaddy was built with the intent of generating demand for Rubycoin, profit for users, and helping the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The official Bittrex API is used to securely trade on behalf of each user. Withdrawal privileges are not needed by TraderDaddy to function, ensuring funds stay on each users Bittrex account. Enable "read info" and "trade limit" when configuring the API key.

A minimum of 1 BTC is recommended for TraderDaddy to perform well. Less than that can be used, but it may not be as effective with this style of trading because of order minimums and other factors.


New users sometimes think TraderDaddy is not buying or selling fast enough. This behavior is normal in the beginning to avoid entering markets too quickly. Please be patient while TraderDaddy strategically builds up your initial trading positions. Trade frequency improves after trading on a market for a while.

This is normal and necessary behavior. TraderDaddy is accumulating, which will become profit when the markets reverse and start going up again. Current profit on your dashboard is a better representation of your actual profit.

Dashboard information is usually about an hour behind. Account value is about five minutes behind.

It may take up to an hour for changes to take effect. TraderDaddy will continue attempting to profit from incomplete or partial orders, even if the market is deselected.

If you think you have found a problem with TraderDaddy, attempt to confirm the issue with other users on Slack or IRC. Once an issue is confirmed, it can be investigated and necessary fixes applied for every user automatically.

Top tier exchanges that support Rubycoin with a market may be integrated into TraderDaddy. This is necessary because users are required to have 500 RBY while using TraderDaddy, and they must be able to easily purchase it. Our users are ready and willing to provide continuous liquidity to quality markets.